Can you believe it? A short blog post from Stephen Gibson? Not an article, but a blog-like announcement? Obviously I don’t usually “do” brevity, but I suppose a brief post is appropriate since what I’m announcing today will also be brief. If you haven’t heard, beginning today I’ll be offering 2-minute, daily “Truth Driver Commentaries” on AM 590, WKZO, Southwest Michigan’s long-time talk radio leader.

Segments are scheduled to air weekdays at 4:35 p.m.  (for the foreseeable future), as well as one additional time during the day. You can listen live at, or each day the commentaries will also be released via podcast (RSS), so you can receive them automatically through your iTunes music software (which is free here at Apple, and works great on PCs too). You may also listen at my web site, For those who listen to my regular, long-form Truth-Driven Thinking Podcast, this will be a new show feed that you’ll want to subscribe to separately (also free).

iTunes link to daily 2-minute “Truth Driver Commentaries”

Note: To subscribe manually from within iTunes, go to the Advanced menu and select “subscribe to podcast,” and copy and past this feed address: You’ll be good to go! (Wait until you hear the backward masking episode 🙂 .) Alternatively, you may search the iTunes Music Store for “Truth Driver Commentaries,” “Truth-Driven Thinking,” or Stephen L. Gibson.”

In no time I’ll surely have all sorts of people upset with me as I share thoughts on current events from a Truth-Driven perspective, as well as share anecdotes from my journey away from emotion-driven thinking. As always, I claim no unique access to truth, but will also openly challenges those who do–especially where there is evidence to the contrary. Hopefully as a sappy skeptic with a heart, however, I won’t truly upset too many people as I argue that psuedoscience, junk science, quackery, fallible human reasoning, and failures to follow reason, science, and evidence—cause very real harm to you, me, and the world.

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(Stephen L. Gibson is the author of Truth-Driven Thinking, and A Secret of the Universe (official web site), a critically acclaimed, citation-rich novel about the intersections of science, reason, and faith. Still an emotion-driven thinker in recovery, Steve shares his journey in search of ever-elusive truth with thousands via his Truth-Driven Thinking podcast, and his Perspectives blog; © 2009, Truth-Driven Strategies LLC.)

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