Stephen L. Gibson

Despite being a “successful” entrepreneur, corporate pilot, elected school official, consultant, and active churchgoer, by my late-thirties it became clear that Artemus Ward was right—sometimes it’s not what we know that can get us into trouble, it’s what we know that just isn’t so. With the black-and-white simplicity of young adulthood behind me, I set out on an intensive journey of inquiry and introspection. That effort led to a self-published “back-of-the-room” book called Truth-Driven Thinking, and reflexively compelled me to even greater levels of epistemological self-examination.

From there I had the opportunity to produce DVD’s and multi-media interviews with several bestselling authors, scholars, theologians, and scientists. What soon became evident was the myriad of ways in which our emotion-driven thinking, superstitions, and dogmatic adherence to foregone conclusions affect not only our personal lives, but the lives of those around us. My new novel A Secret of the Universe uniquely explores both our compulsive need for answers, and the blind spots we create in the process of searching for elusive clarity.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Larry Says:

    Stephen, thank you for the latest Pod Cast and your piece on Loneliness. Recently I had a small (short lived) bout of depression due to my open Skeptisism. I was ok in California where I had established friends, but moving to a new town I have had a very difficult time making friends and my views are seen as anti-everything and I get called a know it all often. I am well read, in fact I don’t stop reading and learning. I find most people you run into know very little about most things. Although they are good at their jobs. When I go to gatherings I need to keep my mouth shut so I don’t offend someone. (Can’t make friends if you offend everyone) So silence is the curse of knowledge and understanding. Thanks for all you do to keep us grounded. Although I don’t know you and I doubt we would agree on everything, I consider you a friend… So tilt one for me next time the bottles uncorked. – LL

    1. truthdriven Says:

      And thank you, Larry, for sharing in return. Just told another listener that notes like yours are therapy for me–and I’ve always viewed my efforts as a two-way street (podcast/blog), and vital part of my learning experience. Indeed I too feel like I’ve got friends here; I’ll happily tip one for you soon. Cheers! (Steve)

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